How to become a bachelor of the Christian faith

A Bachelor of the Religious Studies (BS) degree can be the ultimate career path for many people, but what is the qualification required to be a religious scholar?The Bachelor of Religious Studies degree is required for anyone wishing to be an Anglican or Roman Catholic chaplain or vicar, as well as those wishing to teachRead More

How to Get the Gospel Right in the First Place

Aquinas and the Bible are not just about God, they are also about the human person, according to Knox theological semiatrist, David J. Taylor.The Oxford-educated professor of theology and philosophy at Knox College explains that, when it comes to the relationship between the human and the divine, “theologically, you don’t have to know what God’sRead More

When you think Catholic, think little pilgrims

Virginia theological seminar professor Jennifer Rinaldi has a simple message for those who want to be Catholics: Be little pilgrims.Rinaldi is the author of the new book, Little Pilgrims: Catholic Education and the Search for the Little Spirit in Early Catholic Education.In the book, Rinalsi argues that the small and independent nature of the CatholicRead More

What do you get when you combine theology with religion?

Gammon theology, the study of God from the standpoint of natural theology, is one of the oldest and most influential forms of Christian theology.Theological studies of natural science, on the other hand, are the main focus of many religious studies, including seminary theology.Both disciplines have a common thread of a theological perspective which is concernedRead More

Baptist theology seminary offers women biblical insights

The Baptismal Seminary of Atlanta (BSA) in Atlanta, Georgia, has been offering women biblical perspectives for nearly a decade, according to the seminary’s website.The BSA’s curriculum is designed to include more than 1,300 hours of teaching, including theological, biblical, and philosophical topics.The seminary has also expanded its program to include women’s theology and biblical studies.WomenRead More