Why is the Free Grace Tradition so unpopular?

Free grace theology is one of the most popular Christian views of the modern era, with a growing number of adherents across denominations, denominations with a large following of evangelicals, and the occasional evangelical leader.In some circles, the Free God movement has been described as the “conservative version of the American Religious Right.”┬áIt is oftenRead More

‘God is dead’: Theology school denies that god was alive

By Dhananjay Sharma-Thomson By The Times Of IndiaTheological school of the Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the US, has rejected the concept of god being alive.According to a letter from the school to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAAE) and other religious leaders, the school rejects the idea that God was aliveRead More

How to become a Christian with a few simple rules

“There is no more important moment in my life,” says a young man named Tyler, who is a member of the evangelical church and who has been known to speak in tongues.“It is the moment when I begin to understand what it means to be a Christian.Tyler is the first of my brothers.He has spentRead More

How to get a theological education at a Christian college

A theologian is no longer required to attend a seminary to study theology.Theological seminary (AS) is no more, and the Department of Education has said it will discontinue AS programs that are currently offered in the United States.The American Association of Christian Colleges and Universities (AABC) and other Christian institutions are now using the termRead More

Why philosophy is more important than theology for the church

Philosophy is the more important branch of Christian learning.Theology is more focused on truth.Thats the conclusion that I think we can all agree on, even if some disagree on its merits.Theological Seminary’s founder, Dr Peter Walker, has long been an outspoken proponent of the philosophy-religion-spiritual line, and his writings are a cornerstone of the university’sRead More

How to become a bachelor of the Christian faith

A Bachelor of the Religious Studies (BS) degree can be the ultimate career path for many people, but what is the qualification required to be a religious scholar?The Bachelor of Religious Studies degree is required for anyone wishing to be an Anglican or Roman Catholic chaplain or vicar, as well as those wishing to teachRead More

A black theology, a new view of history

On the heels of the shooting death of the Rev. Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the subsequent white supremacist protest that sparked a riot, some have begun to look at the past in a more historically-oriented way.This is a movement that draws on the history of racial equality and the struggle for freedomRead More

What we learned from the first Christian theological semesters

Posted November 16, 2018 12:28:14Christians in Australia are expected to graduate from the seminary in 2018, with a new term set to commence in 2019.The theological ethics seminary (CEUS) is a new institution created by the State Government to assist Christians who wish to become teachers in the Church.CEUS’ inaugural year is expected to seeRead More

The Catholic Church and the World: A Study in Historical Context

article Midwestern theological school, seminary, and school in the American Midwest was founded in 1786 in St. Louis, Missouri.The first class was led by John Wesley, a native of Kentucky.The tradition of the school continues today, as seminaries in several locations in the United States are led by the Jesuit tradition, including Chicago’s St. Luke’sRead More